Providing Operational Pain Relief, reduced costs, more time and less stress for your organisation.

I’m the ‘non-consultant’ consultant – I keep it simple and jargon free, I take a pragmatic approach and I deliver value for money while taking the pain out of your operations.

My story

At some point during my working life I realised that there was a common theme throughout my various roles and the range of organisations I had worked for. I recognised that regardless of my job title, I took every opportunity to make things work better. This often meant focussing on a range of functions including processes, organisation, communications and systems.

Over time I realised that the need for this kind of improvement was almost universal – every business and organisation could benefit from focus on these areas – and that I was good at identifying root causes and developing and implementing changes. Most importantly, I knew that I really enjoyed making things work better and that seeing the improvement provided enormous job satisfaction. In 2018 I decided to go it alone and start removing operational pain for my clients.

When dealing with clients I like to keep it real. I truly believe that honesty and openness are crucial to an effective working relationship and that value for money is important in maintaining that rapport. I have affordable and flexible fees, strive to provide a great service and to deliver tangible results. I want you to keep coming back to me and to recommend me to others!

I tell people that I’m a ‘non-consultant’ consultant. What do I mean by that? I take a proportionate, pragmatic and jargon-free approach to finding and developing improvements in your business, I care about the results and I’m happy to stick around beyond the advice phase to help with implementation. I can work with people at all levels of your organisation and can slot into a team or department when needed.

I have a track-record as a reliable and safe pair of hands and my background has provided me with a highly transferable ‘toolkit’ which can be used to facilitate practical operational changes.

With my skill-set I am able to manage wide-ranging activities, and I have a proven track record for getting the job done whatever it may involve.

Typical activities include:

  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Planning and organisation

  • Training and Mentoring
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Communications
  • Contractor Management

Where does it hurt?

Where is the pain in your operation? What are the activities which generate the most negative noise or which take up too much of your time for firefighting? I work with you to clarify the root causes of these problems and to bring about changes which remove the pain and reduce the noise.

I provide advice, implementation and even on-going management if needed. I’ll work with you to establish the best approach to meet your needs.

Check out the recommendations below.

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Continuous Improvements

Throughout my career I have always been driven to deliver the most effective operations possible.  It’s a habit to identify what needs to change and to implement improvement actions. 

I get to the root causes and develop practical, manageable and appropriate solutions for your business. 


Chances are, I will be able to add value to your organisation and I’ll be able to do it for a budget that works for you. I take a flexible approach to scope, fees and the nature of the task to be completed.

Work can range from a single day-long task up to a project spanning several weeks or months. I can just deliver advice or I can carry through to implementation. My fees can be structured on a day rate, a project rate, retainer – whatever works best.  Once your requirements have been established we can develop a tailored plan for how to proceed.

A Safe Pair of Hands

Throughout my career I’ve built a reputation for being reliable, effective and trustworthy. I promise to always be transparent and open and to demonstrate integrity when dealing with my clients and their staff.


Many years spent managing business operations in multiple industries gives me insight into the varying concerns and difficulties facing my clients. I get it.

Budgetary constraints, office politics, limited resources, time pressures and the day-to-day challenges of doing business are all familiar territory, so I aim to make working with me as easy and straightforward as possible.

Management Services Include..


  • Design/Improvement
  • Mapping
  • Writing
  • Training frameworks
  • Management and Reviews


  • Scoping
  • Planning
  • Briefing
  • Comms
  • Management


  • Management
  • Planning
  • Delivery
  • Content creation
  • Mentoring


  • Protocol development
  • Inbox management
  • Systems

Recommendations, Testimonials and Case Studies

Here are some testimonials from existing clients about the work we have carried out for them.

‘I have worked with Annie for a number of years in her role at Joules. Annie is an exceptional project manager. She is always willing to accept a challenge, highly organised and methodical in her approach to projects. She understands the importance of strong stakeholder management and ensures all relevant individuals are kept in the loop, and managed where necessary, to ensure projects run efficiently. She is a natural problem solver and a great attribute to the business. I would highly recommend Annie’

Director, Capstone Consultancy

‘Annie is a superbly organised and creative individual, her ability to be calm in a crisis and manage not only herself but others in a fair and positive manner is a true talent. She also has a great knowledge of all aspects of business, from HR, change management, policy & procedure writing. Annie develops and sustains great relationships with external suppliers, high level management and her reporting staff’

Former Account Director , Sheridan and Co

Annie possesses outstanding project management skills, thoroughly organised, with a methodical and detailed approach. Commercially astute, able to manage complex projects demonstrating excellent communication skills with multiple stakeholder groups.

Former Director, Sheridan and Co


Annie McNeely


Tel: 01572 345 818 / 07590 267 209


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The answers to all your questions, right here.

    Can you work remotely?

    This depends on the nature of the work, but providing it’s suitable I can work from my office, and meetings can be carried out over Zoom or using your chosen platform.

    How do you calculate your fees?

    Fees are based on the amount (duration) of work involved and the nature of the work i.e. project based, on-going etc. As a general rule the greater the amount of work, the lower the day rate.

    I work on a day rate which provides a baseline, and then fees are worked out and adjusted from there.

    Where do we start?

    Normally the first stage is to discuss your requirements and clarify the desired outcomes – this is the briefing process.

    I then put this into a scope of work which is agreed with you, the client. This ensures that the outputs are defined, making it easier for both parties to monitor progress and confirm completion.

    The scope of work also informs the calculation of fees. Once the fees have been calculated, the fee proposal is submitted for sign off.

    Following sign-off I will get started and report in as often as needed, or as per an agreed schedule.

    How do you work?

    This depends on the nature of the work but it will usually be a combination of arranged visits to you and your business and remote working. There may be projects which require me to have some desk space in your business until completion of the project.

    This is something that becomes clearer through the briefing project.

    What happens if our needs change?

    If your requirements change once a job is underway, it is important to let me know as soon as possible.  We can then discuss your new requirements in the context of the already agreed scope of works, and decide whether a fee adjustment is appropriate, or a supplementary fee is needed to cover additional work.

    What happens if we need to cancel?

    Signed-off work which is cancelled with less than one week’s notice (from start date) or after the work has started will be subject to a fee – which will be agreed as part of the fee structure. This fee is in place because work cancelled at short notice cannot easily be replaced, resulting in loss of income.

    Can you work for us on an on-going basis or longer-term?

    Absolutely. Where there is a longer-term need for support e.g. for on-going management of a particular business element or regular review of your processes, I can provide that. There are options for working on a contract basis or on a retainer rate based on the amount of time needed per-month.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you still have questions and I will be delighted to answer them!