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  • ISO 9001 Services for SMEs.
  • General (Non ISO-certified) Improvement services – the benefits of a structured approach without the cost and resources needed for certification.
  • The 3 Ps of Improvement: People, Policies and Processes.
  • Friendly and approachable practitioner

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My story as an ISO Consultant

My mission is to make businesses work better. Throughout my career I’ve found and implemented ways to improve how things work whether it’s processes, communications or organisation. (or all of the above).

Businesses are busy, and small businesses are even busier. Small business managers wear multiple hats and they often don’t have time to focus on operational improvement.

However, the way a business operates has a huge bearing on costs, waste, stress levels, compliance, customer service – everything really.

I offer accessible cost effective ISO 9001 Services which are designed to give you options. Scroll down for details.

If your business isn’t ready for full ISO Implementation, take a look at my ISO-Pre package. This offers the biggest benefits of ISO certification without the cost or the stress of the audit process.

Whichever approach works for your business, I focus on the 3 Pillars of improvement: People, Policies and Processes.

Developing the right approach to those three things delivers sustainable improvement.

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Whatever your business activites are, no matter how small, if you need ISO 9001 I can help. I offer a flexible and friendly approach which is aimed at equipping you to manage and benefit from your system for the long term.


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Effective and comprehensive installation of your ISO 9001 Quality Management System for under £5K

Specifically designed to make ISO 9001 certification manageable and affordable for truly small businesses, the ISO CLUB breaks the system build into ‘bite-sized pieces’ and more importantly, it reduces and spreads the costs making it feasible for SMEs. 

ISO CLUB works like this: six to ten businesses come together to form a 'cohort'. Each week I lead a one hour call where I guide you through another element of the system so that you can complete one or two hours of homework. Each piece of homework completed is another part of your system in place.

ISO CLUB costs £400 a month which can be invoiced monthly or quarterly. The programme is made up of 52 weekly modules with a total duration of around 56 weeks including breaks.  Membership of the ISO CLUB also means special rates on support services such as Internal auditing, training and process writing.

However, ISO CLUB doesn’t just deliver a quality management system – it also offers added value in the form of support from your cohort, built-in skills training such as process management and root cause analysis as well as excellent knowledge of the ISO 9001 standard.

By the end of the programme each member of the cohort has a quality management system, confidence to manage it effectively and the choice to go for certification.

Get in touch to find out more or to sign up for the ISO CLUB programme.

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if you're considering bringing ISO 9001 into your business but you're not sure where to start, you can book an ISO PULSE report. 

I assess where your business sits currently and produce a report which includes an action plan for areas of improvement, clarification on key gaps in relation to the standard and a proposal for the best approach to  implementation in your business.

Typically a 1-3 day process, costed on a day rate.

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All the practical improvement benefits of ISO 9001 without the costs or hassle of audits and certification.

Flexible and adaptable approach to suit your business.

Systems can be upgraded for ISO 9001 certification at a later stage.

Costed on a day-rate or a project fee with structured payments at agreed intervals.

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A People-focussed approach to implementing ISO 9001.

This is full implementation of 9001 for certification but carried out over a longer period.

Spreads the cost, makes the internal workload more manageable, allows time for training and support for your team. Empowers your people to maintain your quality management system with confidence.

Costed on a day rate or a project fee with structured payments at agreed intervals.

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Cost-effective Implementation at a faster pace. Delivered using a 100/20 model: I project manage and handle implementation for 100% of the project with input from an Auditor-level consultant for up to 20% of the project time to validate compliance.

This makes the external audit process less daunting as the system is being informally checked for compliance through the building process.

More affordable than the standard consultancy model.

Costed on a project fee with a pre-start, interim and completion payments.

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If you already have ISO 9001 in your business and it's not working, I can help you get it up and running.

There are lots of reasons why an ISO 9001 system can stop working. I analyse the root causes for the breakdown and help you to put together a repair plan.

I can also help with training, document reviews or other forms of support to get you where you need to be.

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I offer a range of training courses including:

Understanding ISO 9001 (1 day)

ISO 9001 Overview (half day)

Process Management (1 day)

I can also offer bespoke training to cover specific needs in your business.

Get in touch for more information.

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My ISO 9001 Clinic allows you to access my knowledge and experience in affordable, bite-sized pieces. Whether it's a one-off query about where to start or a package of sessions for staff with ISO responsibilities, I'll provide tailored support to help you ensure your system is effective and stays that way.

The clinic works in half-hour slots priced at £75. If I can't answer your query within the half hour I will come back to you at no extra cost.  If it takes 10 minutes to answer your question we can make effective use of the remaining time. You can book multiple slots for on-going support - whatever works for you.

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Why work with me as your ISO Consultant?

The 3 Pillars of Improvement

People: Effective ISO systems work because they are part of an organisation's DNA.  The best way to achieve that is to have your people onboard. I can provide training, mentoring and change management activities as part of your improvement project, making long-term success more achievable.

Policies: Policies provide clarity, demonstrate commitment and help you to crystalize your intentions. They can be as formal or informal as you like – to suit your company culture. They form the backbone for your quality management system and they relate to your objectives and plans for the business. I can help you to establish relevant policies to help your business deliver improvement, whether it's ISO 9001 certified or not.

Processes: A process approach is one of the fundamental principles of ISO management systems. They deliver consistency, structure, scalability and they support continuous improvement. I work with you and your team to develop processes which are proportionate and practical and which add value to your business.

Get in touch for more information on how I can help your business.

Principles and Values

Non ISO Improvement services with AMc consulting.

Full involvement – I work to really understand your business, build a rapport with your people and work closely with your team.

SME focussed consulting in Rutland and Leicestershire.

Straightforward – no jargon, transparent, non-consultant, supportive approach.  

Think and Do - happy to work on the basics as well as the big picture.

ISO consulting for all business sizes in Rutland.

SME Focussed -  no business is too small to improve. Even the smallest budget can get you started on your improvement project

Practical, pragmatic and proportionate ISO solutions to suit your business.

Qualified – UKAS accredited ISO Practitioner.

Broad experience across multiple sectors.

An effective quality management system supports sustainable growth - call me to find out how.

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“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process you don’t know what you’re doing”

W. Edwards Deming, leading management thinker in the field of quality

Recommendations, Testimonials and Case Studies

Here are some testimonials from existing clients about the work we have carried out for them.

Positive reviews of AMc consulting.

‘I have worked with Annie for a number of years in her role at Joules. Annie is an exceptional project manager. She is always willing to accept a challenge, highly organised and methodical in her approach to projects. She understands the importance of strong stakeholder management and ensures all relevant individuals are kept in the loop, and managed where necessary, to ensure projects run efficiently. She is a natural problem solver and a great attribute to the business. I would highly recommend Annie’


Director, Capstone Consultancy

Positive reviews of AMc consulting.

‘Annie is a superbly organised and creative individual, her ability to be calm in a crisis and manage not only herself but others in a fair and positive manner is a true talent. She also has a great knowledge of all aspects of business, from HR, change management, policy & procedure writing. Annie develops and sustains great relationships with external suppliers, high level management and her reporting staff’


Former Account Director , Sheridan and Co

Positive reviews of AMc consulting.

Annie possesses outstanding project management skills, thoroughly organised, with a methodical and detailed approach.

Commercially astute, able to manage complex projects demonstrating excellent communication skills with multiple stakeholder groups.


Former Director, Sheridan and Co


Annie McNeely


Tel: 01572 345 818 / 07590 267 209


Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all your questions, right here.

Why should I get ISO 9001?

ISO certification is an investment in your business.  Fundamentally ISO 9001 supports sustainable growth.  It does that by providing assurance to your customers that the quality of your business outputs and the needs of your customers are a priority in how you manage your business.

Having certification allows you to access new sectors and customers and over the long term it improves your efficiences, improves your reputation and encourages customer loyalty. 

Even if you choose not to get certified, mechansims such as processes can be put in place to improve how you operate.

How long does it take?

It's not unusual for implementation to take 8-12 months.  However, there are multiple factors which affect the timescales including:

  • How you want to appraoch the project
  • whether you're on a deadline
  • how much internal resource you can spare to get the work done
  • the size and complexity of your business
  • where you're starting from i.e. whether you have some of the required documents or systems in place already.

Our initial conversations will provide enough information to provide an estimated timescale which goes into the proposal.

For an initial discussion on how your project might work please give me a call on 07590 267 209


How much does it cost?

Whatever your budget it's possible to get your certification but, as with timescales, there are several factors which affect the costs involved in your ISO 9001 project. For example:

  • The level of input needed from your consultant
  • your choice of consultant
  • The approach taken to implementation
  • The duration of the project
  • The various certification options

if you'd like to get an estimate for your project please get in touch with me on 07590 267 209.

Do I really need a consultant?

The short answer is Yes. 

Consultants have a level of understanding which 99% of businesses do not have. 

I'm trained as an external auditor which means I understand what an auditor is looking for, how the audit process works and what you need to know, do and undersrtand beyong the requirements of the standard. 

I also have process management, change management and training skills which supplement and support the basic requirements of the standard.

Will it disrupt my business?

Somewhat yes.

The implementation phase requires time and input from staff which will, at times, take them away from the 'day job'.  There is no way to put ISO 9001 in place without involving your staff so this is inevitable and you will need to identify as a business how much time you can spare.

Once you have achieved certification your business will work differently. The trick to making this work is to carry out change management actvities alongside the implementation project. By doing this the changes are incremental and staff have time to adjust.

As a manager do I need to be involved?

Absolutely. In fact, it is a specific requirement of the standard that Top Management carry out certain activities and demonstrate certain behaviours.  Failing to do so will hamper your certification.

Furthermore, the system needs to become part of your company's DNA which means everyone needs to be involved.

However, with a well designed implementation plan this is very achievable.

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Annie McNeely

Providing ISO Consultation Services to organisations in the Midlands and East Anglia and Based in Uppingham, Rutland.

Using over 15 years experience to deliver improvement through planning, organisation, streamlining and communication.

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